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In 2014 the state of New Jersey became the first home to Hall Achievers Psych-Ed Consulting; a mental health services agency on a mission to enhance students' abilities to thrive. For three years, our small team of Education Specialist worked passionately to address the Academic, Social and Emotional learning challenges of students with classified disabilities. Our team of Education Specialists created academic and socio-emotional learning programs for students and families dealing with trauma, anxiety, and depression. Hall Achievers set out to partner with several schools in the Gloucester County School district to develop unique methods of delivering mental health support to students and families in the community. During my time work in Mantua Township taught me a few things: Parents generally want what’s best for their children, Schools want to provide Free and Appropriate Education for every student the best way they can, and every community is willing to invest in the future generation. The most valuable lesson was how critical the need for bringing these three entities together. We had found our niche.

Today, we continue to serve and support students locally in the state of Maine and online, by enhancing community awareness, creating safe spaces for educating youth supporters on Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Differences (ADHD), Learning Differences (LD), Anxiety Disorders, Autism spectrum and Sensory Processing Differences in school-aged children. Through these efforts, we hope to help cure stigma, empower parents/caregivers, and provide innovative tools, strategies, and resources of support for the unique social and emotional needs of a kid with the above differences.

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